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About me

After finishing my apprenticeship 1989 for a German sanitary wholesale and export company I started full-time in the network marketing industry.

I am married with my beautiful wife Steffi, we have 3 Kids, 2 dogs, 1 Cat and since 10 years we are living and enjoying the lifestyle of our incredible new home, Dubai.

I the past 31 years I could connect more than 500.000 people in my teams all around the globe and could help several fellows to become financially independent. 


In the field of Network Marketing, the biggest milestones and the top ranks i could achieve were in in Future Cosmetics, Xango and Dubli Network. In December 2019 i left the active Networking arena and found my home at:  


May 2020 I got appointed as a board of advisory member in QuickX – a global Blockchain and Tech Company from Malta.

Keynotes and Pyramids

More as a passion than as a business I do Keynotes on major events and organize exclusive trips to Cairo to explore the pyramids and do personality trainings. Contact me, if you wanna know more about it.

Lust auf die ganz besondere Lektüre? Alle Einnahmen meines Bestsellers „Der Jakobsweg – Erleuchtung darf auch Spaß machen“ gehen an die BuBuBuKids Stiftung auf Zanzibar. Alle Erkenntnisse und der Spaß mit dem Buch sind zu 100% für Dich!  (The book will be translated into english soon)

Absolutely Live Dubai

I am running the Facebook- and Instagram brand „Absolutely Live Dubai“ where we are posting exciting Videos and more from Dubai’s Hotspots, Theme Parcs and more. Check it out.