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Cheers from Dubai and see you at the TOP
Thomas *ToM* Schmitz


After finishing my apprenticeship 1989 for a german sanitary wholesale and export company I started fulltime in the network marketing industry.

In the past 29 years I built on- and offline organizations of more than 500.000 people in many countries around the world. One of them is my beautiful wife Steffi and both we have 3 kids, 1 pug and 1 cat. We moved 2010 to Dubai and enjoying an exciting lifestyle in this incredible city.

November 2009 I found my final home – DubLi – where my wife and I became the first ever Senior Vice Presidents in the company (August 2012).

Today our team is expanding in more than 100 countries around the globe and many industry top earners were developed within our Allstars United Group.


  • I knew Thomas after a few months in DubLi, and I was truly impressed by his commitment, integrity and leadership. Not only this, he's very supportive but - the best part - he is funny and enjoyable. Blessed to have him as a master upline and take on exciting challenges every day.

    Davide Lombardi
    Davide Lombardi Italy
  • Ich habe Tom und DubLi im Jahr 2009 kennengelernt. Seitdem arbeiten wir international als Team zusammen. Tom gibt uns Support in Deutsch und in Englisch, er ist immer für uns da. Tolles Team, super Job, Danke Tom, Go DubLi!

    Oxana Gorban
    Oxana Gorban Germany / Russia
  • I've been in network marketing for over 13 years and have had the pleasure of working closely with several top leaders from around the world. But if there's one single person who really stands apart, it is Thomas Schmitz. Tom has an unparalleled skill in exuding and bringing about the highest levels of enthusiasm and positive vibrations wherever he is, whether it is a business environment or just a social gathering. As a leader, he would be hard to match when it comes to continually motivating, mentoring, coaching and supporting his vast team all over the world and he is definitely one of the people I really look up to.

    Joseph Ponnou
    Joseph Ponnou United Arab Emirates
  • Since I joined DubLi TOM is very much focused, motivator and highly supportive to me in most of critical stages of Business, which directly counts in my current success in DubLi. He treats DubLi and all his BA organization as personal family. He is very friendly and funny by his nature. Love you TOM 🙂

    Sarfaraz Sayed
    Sarfaraz Sayed India
  • Tom is easily one of the most inspiring, passionate, entertaining & successful professionals I have ever come across in my network marketing career! Besides this, he is very good human being & an excellent leader who is always there for guide his team. It is only because of his amazing mentorship, I have been able to achieve Vice President rank even as a part timer!!! I am sincerely grateful to almighty for being part of his team and look forward to achieve great success with his kind support!

    Sushanta Saha
    Sushanta Saha India
  • Dear Friends, I Sujit Kumar from India, started in the DubLi Business May 2014 and with the support of the great global leader Mr. Thomas Schmitz (SVP) and my team, I achieved my VP rank by 31st August 2015 (as fastest VP of DubLi India). Go DubLi 🙂

    Sujit Kumar
    Sujit Kumar India
  • Im very lucky to be in Tom's team, he is not only a great presenter and trainer, he is real leader who is really giving the best support to everyone in his team. Tom is Humble, funny, expert anf true leader.

    Mubadda (Abu Jad)
    Mubadda (Abu Jad) Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • We have worked together and been friends since 1999. He gives the best follow up and suport all the time. Always motivating for top performance of our team. He is taking good care of his team members.

    Arild Folgero
    Arild Folgero Norway
  • Since 14 years when i join Network Marketing Industry i was looking for a real income & real retirement plan & to be honest I join this industry because I have a big dreams. Finally I found that with DubLi & of course i will never get where i reach today without the support from Mr. Tom Go Go DubLi

    Mohammed Eid
    Mohammed Eid United Arab Emirates
  • DubLi und Thomas Schmitz kenne ich seit April 2011 und bin vom BSP REWARDS Partnerprogramm für Unternehmen und gemeinnützige Organisationen begeistert und dass der Teamgedanke gelebt wird. Thomas und alle DubLi Kollegen*innen sind immer zuverlässig, schnell und unterstützen unser Team und mich bei den Kundenprojekten mit dem Partnerprogramm. Bin gerne dabei und freue mich auf den weiteren Aufbau im Team. Danke!

    Birgit Seiferth
    Birgit Seiferth Germany
  • I am Alok Agarwal & have an experience of more then 12 years in Network marketing.. Having worked with Top Leaders in the industry i can easily say that i am truly blessed to have an upline Leader Thomas Schmitz. He is an amazing Charismatic leader who seems to be always there for you and with you, where ever and which ever country you may be living in. I truly believe that a good company is very important for your success but equally important is a good upline Leader to guide you and i am fortunate to have both.
    Always for your Success
    Alok Agarwal
    Alok Agarwal India
  • The ones who think they can succeed alone are wrong, and among the secrets of success is to be surrounded with successful people. Thank's God i had the chance to be surrounded with true leader and supporter SVP Thomas Schmitz .The word thank you can never be enough for all what you gave me. 
    Together with DubLi to the Top.
    Abire Benameur
    Abire Benameur Morocco
  • Ich habe TOM schon vor meinem Start bei Dubli kennenlernen dürfen und ihn zu dieser Zeit schon als eine absolute spitzen Führungskraft erlebt !
    Als Ich 2009 erfahren hab das TOM bei Dubli durchstartet habe Ich die Informationen eingeholt und bin gestartet und habe für mich über die ganzen Jahre den besten Support erhalten egal ob auf deutsch oder auf english ! Danke TOM das Ich Dich kennenlernen durfte !
    Thomas Bader
    Thomas Bader Germany
  • I choose DubLi as it gives me the choice of the 'Final Home' and I am able to tick all the boxes with answers, which other companies are unable to give me. ToM Schmitz is our grand upline. He is a professional leader, master achiever, trainer, funny, humble, family-oriented - it is an honor and privilege to be working with ToM, a sure winner! ToM Rocks!! With DubLi, we are rocking the world!
    Zamani Ahmad
    Zamani Ahmad Malaysia
  • It has been an amazing & enjoyable journey working with DubLi till now. That day is not very far when we would hear people saying DubLi came to me too, but I did not join and today its the no. 1. DubLi’s unique concept will not grow but explode shortly. I am honored to be INDIA's 1.st Vice President and from heart am thankful to each one who trusted me and joined hands with me in this journey. Special thanks to the non comparable, most energetic Thomas Schmitz whom I admire the most as he had been with me always whenever, I needed him.
    Himanshu Huria
    Himanshu Huria India
  • I`ve been in the network industry for 12 years and had the posibility and the pleasure to work with many top leaders all arround the world. I`m working with Tom on a daily basis allready for over five years and I can explaine it in a few words: Excellence, Support, Positivity, Skills, Energy, Humble, Family, Funny, 24/7. We are realy blessed to have him in our team he is definitely a great mentor and friend to look up to. Thank you Tom !
    Mihael Civnik
    Mihael Civnik Slovenia
  • If you are talking about a true leader who walk the talk and who lead by example, surely you are mentioned Mr. Tom, the first one ever reached the highest position (Senior Vice President) in DubLi Network globally. It’s not strange when I achieved one of my biggest dreams in my life with DubLi and resign within less than one year. Why not! I am proud being one of SVP TOM Team who is making top earners from this industry, more than 500,000 USD monthly are being earned by leaders of his group and it is just the beginning.
    Sulaiman AbuFraiha
    Sulaiman AbuFraiha Jordan
  • I am thankful to be a part of your team.
    6 years ago i joined the industry with BIG dreams.
    When i started in DubLi i could see all my dreams being on the right track and can be real and very easy to achieve - especially after i experienced the support of Thomas Schmitz.
    Wael Nasr Saadhom
    Wael Nasr Saadhom Egypt
  • Teamwork Makes The Dream Work. Ich bin Ruth Hoefer, begann mit Dublinetwork am 17. Dezember 2009 und erreichte die Position 1. Vice Präsidentin international im Dezember 2011. Danke an alle, dir mir ihr Vertrauen ausgesprochen haben. Tom Habibi - Danke für die "verrückte" Zeit, die hinter uns liegt und dass wir gemeinsam den Weg in eine noch spannendere, mit Erfolg gekrönte und "verrücktere" Zeit gehen dürfen. # Dublination: lasst uns die Welt erobern. Die Zeit ist reif. Die Marktverteilung hat begonnen. Greif zu.
    Ruth Hoefer
    Ruth Hoefer Germany

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